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About TUFX

About TUFX

Construction And Garden Tools Manufacturer

Company Profile

TUFX is a Globally Integrated Manufacturer and Supplier to the worldwide tools market. With a focus on manufacturing excellence, efficiency and quality control, products include a full array of Home Owner, Landscaper and Contractor grade wheelbarrows to match expectations of the varied marketplace. A range of Heavy Duty and Industrial Duty Hand trucks, select striking, concrete and long handle tools round out the line to offer the best in quality and value.

With duplicate operations in both China and Canada, we are able to offer our customers multiple FOB points and can supply combination from both locations and still assure maximum quality control and component interchangeability. At our newly-renovated manufacturing facilities,we employ CNC tube bending, robotic welding, state-of-the-art paint and E-coating to ensure the quality and consistency of all our products. Our adjoining fulfillment style warehousing facility allows for innovative throughput and increased service to our customers.

With its original roots in Holland, TUFX has accumulated over 35 years’ experience in the field. Competitive advantages include ergonomic design, consistent quality, optimized range, fast & flexible delivery and well-trained after-sales service. Having experienced progressive management teams in both Asia and North America leads to faster product design and deployment with 24 hrs Product development being available where necessary.


Delivering consistently high quality and exceeding customer expectations are at the core of everything we do. Our highly experienced teams focus on executing the continuous improvement planning process, from the design stage right through to final production. This ensures that our products will maintain their reliability and will remain effective and perform as they were designed to for many years to come.

The Quality Assurance teams are relentless as they strive for their goals in perfection at every stage:

  • 0% defects

  • 0% scrap

  • 100% complete and on time orders

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction

Factors to assist attaining these lofty goals include:

  • Use of high grade steel tube to make the wheelbarrow frames

  • CNC precision bending machinery and Robotic Welding operations

  • Plastic components manufactured in house using virgin materials to ensure consistency, strength and durability

  • Application of superior corrosion-resistant zinc e-coating and/or powder coating for long-lasting use

  • Precision machined zinc coated axles with low friction run-smooth bearings

  • High Carbon steel for tool lines subject to additional hardening and tempering process for maximum effectiveness.

  • Well trained knowledgeable Customer Service teams for pre and after sales service

Tufx's primary goal is to supply improved solutions responding to the evolving business landscape requirements driven by the professionals they serve.

Construction And Gardening Tools Quality Control
Construction And Gardening Tools Quality Control
Construction And Gardening Tools Quality Control
Construction And Gardening Tools Quality Control


As climate change is one of the most important matters of our time, we have taken up the challenge of reducing our environmental impact by taking actions such as utilizing waste recycling and waste minimization measures, using sustainable and recyclable materials in our packaging. We consistently pursue sustainable and responsible practices that protect the environment.

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