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Garden and Farm Forks

Tufx Garden and Farm Forks

Garden and farm forks are essential tools for anyone who wants to work efficiently on their land. These forks come in different shapes and sizes, each with unique features that make them suitable for specific tasks.

Garden forks, also known as digging forks or spading forks, are perfect for loosening soil, turning compost, and planting seedlings. They usually have four tines and are lighter than farm forks, making them ideal for smaller gardens.

On the other hand, farm forks are designed for heavier work and are commonly used in larger farms or agricultural settings. They usually have more tines than garden forks, ranging from four to ten, and are more durable to withstand the rigors of heavier tasks such as moving hay, manure, and other materials.

Types of Garden and Farm Forks

Spading Fork
TUFX spading fork can be used for digging and removing soli.
4 Tines Manure Fork
TUFX 4 tines manure fork is ideal for transferring manure, mulch, and other loose materials
5 Tines Manure Fork
TUFX 5 tines manure fork is ideal for transferring manure, mulch, and other loose materials.
10 Tines Bedding Fork
TUFX 10 tines bedding fork is ideal for transferring manure, mulch, and other loose materials.

TUFX Forks Are Designed and Built to Last Longer and Work Better


The one-piece spading fork and manure fork heads are forged from hardened carbon steel to ensure the maximum strength and durability. The temper heat treatment provides the steel added toughness, and prevents bending when penetrating through soil or fibrous stringy materials.


Premium fiberglass handles are stronger than wooden handle and are resistant to rot, break, and denting. The thick fiberglass tube is produced from thousands of continuous strands of fiberglass saturated with resins. The polyester coating ensures a smooth and scratch-resistant surface. 


The D-grip handles made from new plastic materials are strong and tough. The extra-large design provides a secure grasp and easy control. The soft cushion grip, with a non-slip surface, absorbs shock and reducing fatigue.

The Application of Different Working Forks


Spading and digging fork is the most popular tool for gardeners. With four triangular shaped tines, the spading forks are ideal for digging in loose soil, mixing in fertilizers, turning your soil in the spring and harvesting the root vegetables.


Manure Fork is also known as a compost fork or a mulch fork. Manure, compost and mulch are essentially decayed organic matter used as a fertilizer for growing plants. The matter will break down in time but will compost faster if it is turned over frequently. 


Bedding Fork is ideal for picking up stones and loose material such as wood chips, bark and leaves, the head of it is slightly wider and the tines more closely-spaced, which is more effective than the Manure fork when transferring small matter.

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