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Safe Use of Hand Trucks

What is a hand truck?

A hand truck is a manually operated vehicle used for transporting goods, and it is the ancestor of all vehicles. Although material handling technology has continued to develop, hand trucks are still indispensable tools because of their low cost, simple maintenance, convenient operation, light weight, and ability to work in places where motor vehicles are inconvenient and in carrying lighter items over short distances.

Hand trucks are divided into one-wheeled and two-wheeled types. One-wheeled hand trucks can travel on narrow ramps, bridges, and pathways, can turn in place, and are very convenient for dumping goods. Common two-wheeled hand trucks include hand-pushed transport carts for handling assembled items, shelf trucks, and bucket trucks for handling bulk materials. Two-wheeled hand trucks are more stable and require less effort.

Safety of hand trucks

1. Using a hand truck can reduce manpower and back fatigue and is usually the best choice for loading and unloading heavy goods and reducing the frequency of tripping during transportation.

2. Select a suitable hand truck for the job, determine the weight and size of the goods to be transported, determine your transportation route and remove any obstacles, wear safe and non-slip shoes to prevent the risk of heavy objects falling and the wheels of the hand truck injuring you, wear gloves to get a good grip, avoid wearing loose and oversized clothes that may trip you and cause injury.

3. Use appropriate techniques for loading and unloading the hand truck: bend your knees and straighten your back, using your legs instead of your back to perform the action; do not use excessive force, otherwise sudden lifting movements can cause injury to your back.

4. When unloading, keep the balance and stability of the cargo: heavier goods should be placed at the bottom; when stacking a pile of goods, do not exceed your line of sight; make sure that heavy objects are stable and will not sway or tip over, and that bulky or delicate instruments are securely tied down.

Proper use of hand trucks can bring safety and convenience to your work and life.

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