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Four Different Ways to Use a Garden Hoe

Gardening can be a rewarding and therapeutic activity, but it requires the right tools to be done efficiently. One of the most versatile tools for gardening is the garden hoe. This tool has been used for centuries to weed, dig, cultivate, and shape soil. In this blog, we will explore four different ways to use a garden hoe and how it can make your gardening experience easier.


Brush the surface of the soil with a garden hoe and slice the tops of weeds with flowing movements. If the hoe is used correctly, it requires very little effort.


By bringing the hoe towards you, you can cut the tops of weeds. You can adjust the angle to accommodate slopes with earthed-up plants.


Turn over a garden hoe to make a seed drill (a shallow trench into which to sow seeds). This method is best for seeds that need to be thoroughly covered.


To avoid bending down, cover drill seed with a draw hoe. This works well for large seeds that require a lot of soil, such as peas.

In conclusion, a garden hoe, along with a long handle trenching spade, is a versatile tool that can be used for more than just weeding. Whether you're digging, cultivating, shaping, or weeding, these tools are must-haves for any gardener.

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