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Tufx Crowbars

The range includes wrecking bars,san angelo bars,post hole digging/tamper bar,pinch point bars,and manhole cover hooks, they are forged from one piece high carbon steel like hexagonal or cylindrical stock. Superior powder coating finish resists scratching, chipping,fading and wearing. TUFX crowbars are built for long-lasting professional use.

Types of Crowbars

Utility Bar
TUFX utility bar, is a quality steel construction for pulling nails, prying, lifting, and provideing increased strength and durability.
Wrecking Bar
TUFX utility wrecking bar is used to lever, remove nails, pry boards, and generally break things.
Utility Wrecking Bar
TUFX utility wrecking bar is used to lever, remove nails, pry boards, and generally break things.
San Angelo Bar
TUFX san angelo bars are made of high quality hexagonal steel that provides strength for clearing rocks and roots from postholes and ditches.
Post Hole Digging/Tamper Bar
TUFX post hole digger with one end for digging and the other end for tamping, is manufactured from tempered high carbon steel.
Pinch Point Bar
TUFX pinch point bars are used on heavy objects. These tough pinch bars are perfect for handling demolition and levering jobs.
Manhole Cover Hook
TUFX manhole bars allow you to life manhole covers or storm drain grates safely.

User Guide Of Crowbars


Before using a crowbar, first understand the proper way to use the tool to ensure your own physical safety. To begin, check your bar and ensure it is in good condition to use, and avoid the potential risk of breaking the bar or hurting yourself.


Do not exceed the pry lever bar load rating, personal or property damage may result. Wear gloves that are dry and grasp the handle tightly with both hands, do not position your body directly over the bar.


Do not sit, hang or bounce on pry lever bar when trying to tip or hold a load. Wear eye protection and a safe hat while prying items apart or pulling nails in case an item breaks off and flies towards you.Make sure no object or person is under the load before lowering.

Benefits of TUFX Working Bars


TUFX working bars are drop forged from one solid high carbon steel like hexagonal or octagonal. The process of heat treatment adds increased strength and durability to the steel and ensures its long-lasting performance.


The superior powder coating finish resists scratching, chipping, fading, and wearing. The clean and well-treated substrate surface before coating ensures the adhesion power of powder and the temperature of the curing oven in the curing step results in a nice final finish.


TUFX supplies a variety of bar styles to cater to the requirements of different working applications. The working bars' size range from 12” to 72” to meet both light-duty and heavy-duty use.

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