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Shovels and Spades

Tufx Shovels and Spades

The benefits of using shovels and spades are numerous. They help to save time and energy when working on outdoor projects, making them indispensable tools for homeowners and professionals alike. Shovels and spades are also easy to use and require minimal maintenance, making them a cost-effective investment in the long run.

TUFX shovels and spades are made of durable materials, ensuring that they will withstand heavy use and remain useful for years to come. They are designed to provide maximum comfort and reduce strain on the user's arms and back, making them easy to use for extended periods.

Types of Shovels and Spades

D-Handle Digging Shovel
TUFX D-handle digging shovel is a heavy-duty use tool.
Long Handle Digging Shovel
TUFX long-handle digging shovel is designed for digging and gardening.
D-Handle Pro-contractor Spiked Digging Shovel
D-Handle Pro-contractor Spiked Digging Shovel is designed for digging and gardening in tough soil.
Long Handle Pro-contractor Spiked Digging Shovel
TUFX Long Handle Pro-contractor Spiked Digging Shovel is ideal for digging and prying in tough soil.
Long Handle Transfer Shovel
TUFX long handle transfer shovel is designed for transferring all materials.
D-Handle Transfer Shovel
D-Handle Transfer Shovel is a heavy-use device for familiar jobs.
Irrigation Shovel
TUFX irrigation shovel is ideal for clearing and digging irrigation ditches.
Border Spade
TUFX Border Spade is a good choice for working in flower beds.
Trenching Shovel
TUFX trenching shovel is designed for digging.
Long Handle Drain Spade
TUFX drain spade is convenient to manipulate when you working.
D-Handle Drain Spade
TUFX drain spade is ideal for digging and cleaning.

Applications of Different Shovels

Digging Shovels

If you want to dig through hard, compacted soil, even rocky soil, you'll need a digging shovel. This type of shovel will have a round pointed blade with a slightly upward curved edge, make it an ideal tool for digging. 

Transfer Shovels

The square point shovel performs very well in moving loose material, so it gained the name “transfer shovel.” The square blade allows it to hold obviously more material than a round point shovel. It is also good for scraping soil spills from paved surfaces thanks to the flat lip.

Trenching Shovel

Also known as a ditch shovel, it has two primary uses, digging shallow trenches, cleaning out and neatening up deeper trenches that have been created by a more powerful tool. It’s ideal to get into the tight space and removes whatever you can pick up on it.

The Advantage of Tufx Shovels and Spades


All of Tufx's shovels' blades are made from tempered and heat-treated steel, the strong and uniform powder coating on the blade surface matches with a premium and lightweight fiberglass handle for maximum strength and durability.


Each spade has 2 handle options, one is an extra-large D-grip with shorter handle that provides comfort and control, ideal for working in tight or restricted spaces. Another is a long handle with a cushion secure grip and non-slip surface, absorbing shock and reducing fatigue. 


If you have very professional construction jobs to do, TUFX pro-contractor spiked digging shovel should be your first choice. The sharpened teeth tempered blade provides super-cutting powder, and the secure step allows for maximized digging force. It's perfect for heavy-duty construction jobs.

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