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lond style brick trowels 800x800 27209
lond style brick trowels 800x800 27209

Tufx London Pattern Brick Trowels

TUFX London masonry brick trowel is the most popular pattern for applying mortar between layers of brick, stone and concrete blocks.

London Pattern Brick Trowels Specifications

  • 27209, 10"/254mm

  • 27210, 10 1/2"/267mm

  • 27211, 11"/279mm

  • 27212, 11 1/2"/292mm

FLondon Pattern Brick Trowels Features

  • Fully-forged high carbon steel for extra toughness and consistency

  • Heat treated and tempered process to ensure uniform blade hardness

  • Taper ground and polished blade provides enough friction to hold mortar

  • The standard shank angle is balanced to reduce wrist fatigue

  • Ergonomically designed handle for the best comfort.

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