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Equipment Used in Gardening

Tufx Other Equipment and Accessories

As a top spreader manufacturer and water bag supplier, TUFX affords a range of unique reachable outside and concrete equipment such as wheelbarrow water bladder, walk behind lawn spreader, push behind spreader, walk-behind spreaders, backyard rollers, Plant Pot movers, seed spreader, Watering Bags and cement mixers. This ever-increasing type targets to provide merchandise to information a huge vary of projects. 

Equipment Used in Gardening

Walk-behind Broadcast Spreader
TUFX walk-behind spreader is appropriate for salt, fertilizer, and seed for year-round use. It is constructed to closing to be used in difficult and worrying conditions.
Lawn Roller
TUFX garden curler is best for knocking down uneven floor precipitated through moles or frost-heaving, and for packing down newly sown seed or sod.
TUFX Potmover is a reachable "MUST HAVE" backyard device to pass heavy flowerpots easily and efficaciously.
Cement Mixer
TUFX Pro-contractor Cement Mixer is ideal for mixing plaster, mortar, and concrete. It can be used for a variety of jobs from building garden walls, paving roads, and repairing in-ground swimming pool...
Wheelbarrow Wheels
TUFX's wheelbarrow wheels are the perfect replacement for old, damaged or worn-out wheels. Our high-quality wheels are made to withstand the toughest job sites and terrains, ensuring a long-lastin...
Wheelbarrow Water Bag
TUFX water bag is a easy answer to transporting water, for any use, in somewhere you want water the place there is no hose available.
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