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Farm Wheelbarrows

Tufx Farm Wheelbarrows

The Farm and Agricultural market requires some key elements to truly benefit the user such as farm wheelbarrows. As with all TUFX wheelbarrows farms, they are very durable and lightweight so that even with very heavy loads, the user can benefit from the ergonomic design features which make for a more balanced and comfortable usage. As with all Tufx single-piece frame large wheelbarrows, there is an easy-to-install 2-wheel kit available giving the additional flexibility to be used as a single-wheel or 2-wheel wheelbarrow(also known as double wheelbarrow or dual wheelbarrow. The 2 wheels offer some additional stability and are still very maneuverable for this large-capacity poly large plastic wheelbarrow. For this and many other reasons, it is the wheelbarrow of choice for many discerning Farm and Ag users today.

Types of Farm Wheelbarrows

One Wheel Agricultural Wheelbarrow
TUFX PX161 wheelbarrow is designed for farm use.
Dual Wheels Farm Wheelbarrow
TUFX PX162 wheelbarrow is designed for farm owners.
Single Wheel Agri Wheelbarrow
​TUFX PX161-ZP wheelbarrow is designed for land owner use.
Double Wheels Farm Wheelbarrow
TUFX PX162-ZP wheelbarrow is designed for agricultural use.
Two Wheels Large Wheelbarrow
TUFX TP805 wheelbarrow is designed for landscaping and farm use.

Benefits Of TUFX Agriculture Wheelbarrows

Design and utility

Designed for agricultural use. Ergonomic design easier lifting and better balance. The deep volume with an easy-to-dump design makes it versatile and convenient to haul all the projects that your land or any outdoor space requires, such as mulch, wood, hay and straw, etc. Equipped with a big capacity tray in order to carry quickly bulky and voluminous loads.


Tufx wheelbarrow wholesale is equipped with 2-wheel kit for your pursuit of a better balance of the wheelbarrow under load. Easy and quick assembly and reduces strains and onerousness during use.

Multiple options

TUFX has a lot of wheelbarrows with different materials and capacities to fulfill your agriculture requirements.

How to choose a Agriculture Wheelbarrow?

What's the average capacity you want?

Is this decision based on moving heavy bricks or lighter but bulkier agriculture waste?

Are you working in a narrow space?

Always check the dimensions to see if your agricultural wheelbarrow will fit through the narrowest space.

How many wheels do you need for your wheelbarrow?

The single-wheeled wheelbarrow relies on you to provide the balance when moving it, it becomes less stable when moving heavier loads. A two-wheeled wheelbarrow is far more suited to moving heavier loads and, because of its stability, is much easier to lift and puts less pressure on your back.

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