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6 in 1 multi stiff chisel edge scraper 27130
6 in 1 multi stiff chisel edge scraper 27130

Tufx Stiff Chisel Edge Scrapers 27130

They are developed for authorities and guaranteed to exceed your expectations. Great for heavy-duty scraping jobs like placing off wall coverings, paint, silicone, scale, and even tile.  

Stiff Chisel Edge Scrapers 27130 Specification and Advantages

  • 3"/76mm

  • TUFX 6 INN 1 multi stiff chisel edge scraper is an ideal addition to any painter's / decorator’s toolkit. It can be sed to Scrape Putty, Spread Compound, Clean Rollers, Open Bottles, Set Nails, and Utility Cutter.

  • Full tange blade construction for maximum strength and durability.

  • Full alloy hammer end for setting nails and screws.

  • Sturdy stainless steel tang blade that is rust resistant for a long lasting life.

  • Ergonomically designed soft handle for less fatigue.

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