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Knowledge About Garden Shovels

Understanding of garden shovels

Garden shovels are actually a very common labor tool, even though they may look simple, they are good partners for many farmers. Garden shovels have a slender shape, with one end being a "V" shaped iron sheet, slightly thin on the front and the upper edge of the iron sheet is slightly curled inward to facilitate stepping. The middle part is rolled into a roughly 10 cm long tube, and then the garden shovel wooden handle is inserted into the tube and nailed a few nails on the upper edge of the tube to make it very sturdy.

Using a garden shovel does not require much effort and is very popular. This is because its design is sturdy: the iron tube tightly holds the stick without any gap, and with the stability of the nails, it is very stable to use.

Garden shovels are used in various fields such as digging trenches, turning soil, and excavating soil. Its composition consists of two parts: the wooden handle and the iron piece. The wooden handle is made of hardwood, about 4.5 cm thick, and 1.5-1.8 meters long. It can be selected according to the soil texture and usage. The assembly of a garden shovel is very simple. First, trim one end of the wooden handle to a suitable thickness according to the assembly hole size of the shovel handle, then insert the wooden handle into the assembly hole and stabilize it with nails.

Due to the great significance of garden shovels, people carry it to plant trees during Arbor Day. It is even more common in rural areas, where every household will have one. It is also frequently seen in construction projects. The usage is very simple: you just need to step hard on the rolled edge of the iron sheet with one foot, hold the upper edge of the stick with one hand, step on it, and press down with your hand to dig up the soil. In addition, garden shovels also have the significance of loosening and compacting the soil.

What is the principle of force used in garden shovels?

The principle of leverage is used in garden shovels. The fulcrum and resistance point are between the force point and the resistance point. For example, when using a garden shovel to load soil into a truck, the lever formed is called a third-class lever. One significant characteristic of this lever is that the force arm is always shorter than the resistance arm. Therefore, using a garden shovel in this situation is laborious, but it can save distance. When filling soil into a truck, the hands do not move much, but the shovel moves a long distance and can send the soil to a high place. In addition, the third-class lever is also used when holding a long broom to sweep the floor or when lifting a fishing rod to fish.

Leverage can save effort, but sometimes it can also be laborious. For example, when rowing a boat, if the force arm is short and the resistance arm is long, the force will be greater than the resistance. Rowing a boat is very laborious, but it can save distance. When rowing, moving the hands a small distance will move the oar a longer distance in the water, making it easier and more efficient to row the boat. This is mainly determined by the position of the fulcrum.

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