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Tufx Wheelbarrows

Most of the wheelbarrows manufactured by wheelbarrow supplier TUFX are equipped with high-strength, maximum-yield poly trays. Great effort has been made to design a wheelbarrow tray that ensures fracture-tolerant material that has extremely high elasticity features but also increased fatigue protection. Other TUFX heavy duty wheelbarrow trays are made of steel but also deliver exceptional performance. This is made possible by utilizing years of experience when designing key features of these wheelbarrow types such as heavy duty plastic wheelbarrow. Additional benefits such as powder coating and galvanized components deliver superior corrosion resistance and exceptional strength. Whether you need to move a little or a lot, high quality wheelbarrow supplier TUFX has the solution to fulfill your material handling needs.  This includes:

Home and Garden wheelbarrows

Landscaping and Professional Grade Contractor wheelbarrows

 Agricultural & Farm wheelbarrows 

Timely delivery and after-sales service of industrial strength wheelbarrow wholesale are integral to our brand and corporate mandates. With a focus on continuous improvement across all facets of our business, all TUFX Wheelbarrows come with industry-leading warranties. 

Types of Wheelbarrows

Garden Wheelbarrows
Gardening and home use wheelbarrows could be the most essential tool in your garden shed, you need to choose the right wheelbarrow for your garden and daily work.
Contractor Wheelbarrows
Building use wheelbarrows are designed for the heaviest, most strenuous tasks and workloads. With their highly durable and lightweight designs, this range would be very useful for industrial and commercial use.
Farm Wheelbarrows
Agriculture uses wheelbarrows for farms and stables, landscaping, animal feed transportation, hay and straw. TUFX agriculture wheelbarrow is fitted with a zinc-finished frame and roller-bearing pneumatic wheels to deliver superior maneuverability and smooth handling.

Why Choose TUFX Industrial Grade Wheelbarrows?


Poly Trays:

  • Indestructible trays offer maximum strength and durability.

  • Resistant to ultraviolet(UV) damage and material degradation.

Steel Trays:

  • High-level deep draw cold roll steel and hot-dip galvanized steel offer exceptional strength and durability to withstand rigorous use.

  • Powder coating finish resists chipping, fading, scratching and wearing.

  • The galvanized trays apply with superior corrosion-resistant coating.

  • The wheelbarrow frames are made of high grade steel tube.

  • CNC precision bending machinery and Robotic Welding operations ensure unparalleled strength and consistency.

  • Heavy-duty rust-resistant zinc e-coating finish for long-lasting oxidation protection.

  • Adhesive powder coating surface further extends corrosion resistance.

  • Reinforced pneumatic tires can fulfill heavy-duty requirement.

  • Flat-free PU tires will never puncture, more pliable high-grade PU creates the same suspension effect as pneumatic tires.

  • Top-quality roller bearings for smooth maintenance-free operation.

  • Solid precision machining axles for longevity use.

TUFX Wheelbarrow FAQ

Pneumatic tyre or Flat-free tyre?
  • The pneumatic tyre will absorb the shock from more rugged terrains, but needs to be inflated from time to time. This option is not puncture-proof.

  • Flat free tyre won’t burst or go flat, TUFX high-grade PU tyre creates the same suspension effect as pneumatic

Plastic or steel wheelbarrows?
  • Plastic wheelbarrows are lightweight and not suspectible to rust, but not ideal to haul sharp objects and hot materials, like asphalt. Steel wheelbarrow can load any materials, but much heavier than plastic models and are also susceptible to rust.

  • TUFX plastic trays are made from virgin materials to ensure the maximum strength and durability. TUFX adhesive power coating steel trays resist chipping, fading, scratching, and wearing.

Single wheel or two wheels barrow?

Single wheel barrow is easy to maneuver and dump, but it requires greater strength to control. Two wheels barrow are with better balance to handle heavier loads.

The Versatility of TUFX's Wheelbarrows for Efficient and Easy Use

TUFX presents a diverse range of uniquely crafted wheelbarrows tailored to various tasks, making them the optimal choice for heavy loads, landscaping, cement use, and more. The wheelbarrow is perfect for heavy duty work, while the easy dump and easy roller features streamline the process of carrying and unloading materials. All TUFX wheelbarrows boast premium-grade materials, ensuring robustness, durability, and reliability. With a variety of sizes and features available, selecting the ideal TUFX wheelbarrow for specific tasks has never been simpler. Choose TUFX for swift and efficient yard work.

The Versatility of TUFX's Wheelbarrows for Efficient and Easy Use


TUFX's 2W-AXLE KIT offers a cost-effective solution to upgrade a single-wheel TUFX barrow to a dual-wheel barrow in a matter of minutes. This kit enables a large capacity wheelbarrow that is perfect for farm use, making it easier to manage and transport heavier loads. Our patented adaptor ensures easy installation, allowing users to convert their existing TUFX single-wheel barrows to dual-wheel barrows. The 2W-AXLE KIT is a game-changer that maximizes the functionality and efficiency of TUFX's farm wheelbarrows. With this upgrade, heavy workloads are effortlessly handled, saving time and increasing productivity.


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