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TUFX Tips To Extending Life Of The Hand Tool


Make it a habit to clean your tools after each use before you return them to their storage! Store them in a cool dry place to avoid exposure to excess heat. Hotter areas can lead to dew when it cools, and that can make any metal tools prone to rust.

Clean Your Tools

Wipe them down with a rag and be sure they are free of dust or grease. Do not use harsh chemicals to clean the metal as they can weaken/discolor the metal over time.

Inspect Your Tools

This is an opportunity to look for any damage or defects. Check your tools' handles for splinters, breaks and cracks. check any rivets, nuts or bolts that may have become loosened. Make sure that metal parts show no signs of corrosion. Repair or replace any tools that show signs of damage before the next use.

If you maintain your tools properly by using the tips mentioned above, they will last a lot longer and save you time and money in the future!
Stay tuned for more Tufx Tips in the future.


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