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Tufx Rakes

A decent rake is an essential tool for any gardener. Not only is it useful for raking lawn clippings to make the lawn and garden tidy, but it also helps to prepare the soil for planting. For soil preparation, there are many different options available, with varying shapes and head materials to suit various applications.

All TUFX rakes come with strong but lightweight fiberglass handles, making them easy to handle and gentle on the back and hands. Whether you are looking for a rake to prepare your garden beds for planting or to tidy up your lawn, TUFX offers a range of high-quality rakes to meet your needs.

Types of Rakes

Grabber Set Garden Rake
TUFX Grabber set garden rake is a smart design that combining the leaves collection and grabbing functions together, for a convenient use of cleaning your yard, especially in autumn. The metal clip ca...
25 Tines Steel Leaf Rake
TUFX 25 Tines steel leaf rake is a good choice for raking.
26 Tines Poly Leaf Rake
TUFX 26 Tines poly leaf rake is designed for raking.
24 Tines Steel Leaf Rake
TUFX 24 Tines Steel Leaf Rake is ideal for cleaning and raking.
16 Tines Level Rake
TUFX 16 Tines level rake can be used for raking and breaking soil.
16 Tines Bow Rake
TUFX 16 tines bow rake is designed for loosening and leveling soil.
36 Tines Aluminum Landscape Rake
36 Tines Aluminum Landscape Rake is designed with a large head to stage rapidly and smoothly

How to Choose a Proper Garden Rakes?


Plastic rakes are the cheaper options and offer lightweight for easy use. They are suitable to move light, dry, fluffy materials. While to move heavy and wet materials or mixed materials, you’ll need a heavy-duty metal rake, especially those with steel and spring tines to avoid being permanently bent.


Bigger head size of leaf and lawn rakes will be more helpful to get the job done quickly. A good size is generally rang form 22 inch to 30 inch wide. However, the narrow rakes, on the other hand, ought to easily reach awkward small spaces.


Choose a handle with sturdy quality, make sure it doesn’t warp or bend as you work, fiberglass handle will be a good choice. A handle with soft grip will prevent strain on your hand. A long-handled garden rake is a more sensible option. 

The Application of Different Rakes


If your raking job is just to gather leaves or debris on your lawn, the poly leaf rake is enough. It's lightweight and durable and weatherproof. There's no need to take much time to maintain it. 


If you need to rake your lawn clipping to make the lawn and garden breeze, the spring steel tines rake is a good choice, the flexible steel tines will pull out thatch for a healthier lawn.


If you need to break and move all kinds of soil, you need a heavy-duty rake, such as a level rake or bow rake, the forged head is built to last which could help you to loosen and level soil easily and efficiently.


If you need to level the cement or sand in the road building, TUFX Aluminum Landscape Rake could be a nice option. The wider rake head makes the job done quickly. And the aluminum head is solid and would never rust. 

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