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Contractor Wheelbarrows

Tufx Contractor Wheelbarrows

Whether you are a heavy-duty landscaper or a pro contractor, when you are on the job site, it is imperative that you have a wheelbarrow in construction or the contractor wheelbarrow that genuinely provides an effective solution to your needs. Our Landscaping wheelbarrow and Contractor wheelbarrows are designed so that they are easy to load and unload, exceptionally durable yet lightweight to maximize user benefit. What's more, they can also be used as concrete wheelbarrows. With Bright Zinc coated one-piece steel frames, additional bracing, and flat-free high-quality PU tires, these workhorses are true leaders in their field.

Types of Contractor Wheelbarrows

Poly Contractor Wheelbarrow
TUFX PE100 wheelbarrow is designed for landscaping and construction use.
Galvanized Builders Wheelbarrow
TUFX SX120 wheelbarrow is designed for the toughest of project use.
Steel Builders Wheelbarrow
TUFX SX140 wheelbarrow is designed for road construction use.
Steel Contractor Wheelbarrow
TUFX TS120 wheelbarrow is designed for heavy-duty construction use.
Contractor Wheelbarrow with Folded Tray
TUFX SS140 wheelbarrow is designed for construction worker use.
Steel Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow
TUFX TP666 wheelbarrow is ideal for asphalt, concreters and bricklayers.
Steel Contractor Wheelbarrow
TUFX TP676 wheelbarrow is designed for building field use.
Builders Wheelbarrow with Folded Tray
TUFX TP776 wheelbarrow is designed for construction worker use.
Steel Commercial Wheelbarrow
TUFX WB-60PSPS is a 6 Cubic foot capacity, steel tray wheelbarrow.
Contractor wheelbarrow
TP566 is designed for construction use.

Benefits Of TUFX Construction Wheelbarrows

Multiple options

TUFX has a lot of wheelbarrows wholesale with different materials and capacities to fulfill your construction requirements.

Design and utility

Designed to work, these tough wheelbarrows are ergonomically designed and built to withstand the rigors of professional use and lighten of the operators’ load. Whether it's a construction wheelbarrow or a DIY wheelbarrow, from the features of our wheelbarrow, it's constructed carefully on each component, even the bolt sets. Attention to detail, technique and use of materials are combined to achieve the best results. 


Whether it is a poly tray or a steel tray, the most suitable raw materials are selected for production. Perfect corrosion resistance, UV resistance and oxidation protection, etc., and the galvanized frame passed the 72-hour salt spray test all perfectly reflect the high quality of the product. And we provide a 3 or 5 years warranty, which can often last for decades to use the wheelbarrow under normal operation.

What Makes a Wheelbarrow Good for Moving Concrete?

Material of the tray

When choosing wheelbarrows for concrete, you can either go with steel or poly, both TUFX wheelbarrows provide a good performance of strength. You can carry bricks, stones, cement, and ballast without damaging it.

Weight of the wheelbarrow

A lightweight but durable wheelbarrow is the ideal choice. TUFX provides the lightest and strongest wheelbarrow for builders.


TUFX wheelbarrows provide a maximum load capacity of 275-350kgs, meeting the needs of various constructions.


TUFX wheelbarrow with a narrow tray is easy to unload the concrete, and the ergonomic design saves effort on a construction site.

Selecting the Best Landscaping Wheelbarrow for Professional Use

When it comes to wheelbarrows for landscaping, landscapers select wheelbarrow that are durable, efficient, and capable of handling heavy loads. Our landscaping wheelbarrow options at TUFX are designed to meet the needs of professionals in the industry. Our landscaper select wheelbarrow is constructed with rugged steel frames and tough poly trays to withstand daily use and abuse. Our best landscaping wheelbarrow is designed with features such as flat-free tires, comfortable grips, and sturdy leg stabilizers for optimum performance and ease of use. Whether you are transporting large loads of rocks, soil, plants, or debris, our contractor wheelbarrows can get the job done. Trust TUFX to provide you with the best landscaping wheelbarrow for all your gardening and landscaping needs.

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