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Hoe & Cultivator

Tufx Hoe & Cultivator

A hoe and cultivator are two essential tools used for gardening and farming to cultivate the soil, remove weeds, and prepare the ground for planting. Although they serve similar functions, there are some differences between the two tools.

When selecting a hoe or cultivator, it's essential to consider the quality of the material, the size and shape of the tool, and the comfort of the handle. A well-made hoe or cultivator will be sturdy and durable, with a comfortable grip that reduces strain on the hands and arms.

Types of Hoe & Cultivator

Garden Hoe
TUFX backyard hoe is best for chopping, weeding, and making furrows for planting, this device is a multi-purpose device for time-honored landscaping and backyard maintenance.
4-Prong Cultivator
TUFX four prong cultivator is a sturdy and long lasting tool, The long lasting metal tines make it a beneficial device for loosening compacted dirt, spreading mulch, and different landscaping chores.

Why Choose TUFX Garden Hoe and Cultivator?


The one-piece steel heads are forged from hardened carbon steel to ensure maximum strength. The temper heat treatment provides the steel added toughness. A beveled hoe blade works better when you are slicing weeds off at the roots, or chopping into the soil to till it up. 


The fiberglass handles are made from an extruded resin that is strong and light, making them less likely to break than wooden handles. The polyester coating ensures a smooth and scratch-resistant surface. The handles are resistant to rot, and denting. The 54 inch extra length design offers extended reach. 


The double layers grip structure is wear-resisting and strong. While double color design with matte black cover is nice-looking. Soft cushioned grip with a non-slip surface absorbs shock and reduces fatigue.

The Application of the Garden Hoe and 4-prong Cultivator


A garden hoe and cultivator are essential gardening tools that will help keep your garden weed-free and the soil healthy. How to use the garden hoe and cultivator?


Regular weeding is the best way to manage weeds and keep your garden soil from being compacted. The best time to hoe your garden is when the soil is dry. If it's too wet, a garden hoe won't be able to move dirt and cut off weed roots effectively.


Check your tools' handles for splinters, breaks, and cracks. check any rivets, nuts, or bolts that may have become loosened. Make sure that metal parts show no signs of corrosion. Repair or replace any tools that show signs of damage before the next use.


Coating anti-rust oil regularly, especially in Spring and Summer.

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