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Push Brooms

Tufx Push Brooms

Tufx push brooms are a popular choice for both indoor and outdoor cleaning tasks. These brooms are known for their durability, high-quality construction, and superior cleaning performance. They are designed to effectively sweep up dirt, dust, and debris from a wide range of surfaces, making them a versatile cleaning tool.

Types of Push Brooms

Smooth Surface Push Broom
TUFX Smooth surface push broom is excellent for indoor use.
Rough Surface Push Broom
TUFX Rough surface push broom is perfect for outdoor use.

How to Choose the Right Broom?

Broom Material

The material of the broom is essential to consider. Soft bristles are good to move fine dust and debris on smooth surfaces, while stiff bristle fibers are used to sweep up larger, heavier debris.

Broom Size

The broom size is also critical to be considered. Most brooms' sizes range from 18 inches to 30 inches, the small size brooms are suitable for tight spaces, while the large size brooms are better for sweeping large areas.

Broom Handle

Most common handles are wood or fiberglass. Wooden broom handles are biodegradable and environmental friendly, however, they need to be stocked carefully, and you need to keep the surroundings cool and dry. Fiberglass handles are solid and durable, what's more, the fiberglass handle is lightweight and weatherproof.  

The Benefits of TUFX Push Brooms


The ergonomic design with a proper handle angle reduces stress on the back, muscles, and joints. 


The fine bristles feature split-tip ends to pick up and move fine dust and debris on smooth surfaces, while high quality stiff bristle fibers effectively sweep up larger, heavier debris.


The Hardwood block with unbreakable bolt-on connector prevents the handle from twisting while in use. 


A durable steel brace ensures a firm connection between the handle and the head. 


Premium fiberglass handles provide great strength and durability.

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