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Hammers & Sledges

Tufx Hammers & Sledges

All TUFX hammers are ergonomically designed with the operator in mind and tested by real users doing real work, to ensure that they are easy on the back and hands, to ensure every swing is best. The right tools could help you get more done with less effort, if you are looking for a good striking tool for your upcoming jobs, TUFX will never let you down.

Types of Hammers & Sledges

Rip Claw Hammer
The TUFX claw hammer with a rip claw offers superior leverage for effortless nail pulling and features flat-milled heads on the opposite end. This professional-grade tool is the preferred choice for c...
Stoning Hammer
TUFX Stoning hammer crafted with a sturdy fiberglass handle and a solid metal head. The hammer's weight and balanced handle allow for powerful, controlled strikes, making it essential for masons, ...
Fiberglass Handle Sledge Hammer
TUFX Fiberglass handle 2 lbs sledge hammer is designed for lightweight demolition works.
Fiberglass Handle Machinist Hammer
TUFX Fiberglass handle machinist hammer is designed for small assembly and construction works.
Curved Claw Hammers
TUFX Curved Claw Hammer is your ultimate household companion for effortless nail removal and versatile functionality. Engineered with precision, this hammer boasts a curved claw that grants exceptiona...
Roofing Hammer
TUFX roofing hammer is an essential tool for professional roofers and DIY enthusiasts alike. Designed specifically for roofing tasks, this specialized hammer features a flat striking surface on one si...
Rubber Mallet Hammer
TUFX rubber mallet hammer is a versatile and essential tool used in various applications. Its head is typically made of rubber, which provides a soft, non-damaging striking surface. This makes it idea...
Club Hammer
TUFX Club Hammer stands as a pinnacle of excellence, meticulously crafted to meet the exacting needs of professionals. Boasting convex (domed) striking faces, an octagonal neck adorned, and a fibregla...
Ball Peen Hammer
TUFX Ball Peen Hammer is the ultimate tool for a wide range of applications including cold chisels, punches, rivets, and metal shaping. This versatile hammer is designed for both precision and general...
Blacksmith Hammer
The TUFX Blacksmith hammer is expertly crafted for demanding heavy-duty and precision jobs. Specifically designed for striking cold chisels, brick chisels, punches, star drills, spikes, and hardened n...

What is the Most Common Size for a Sledge Hammer?


Lightweight sledgehammers range from 2 to 6 pounds. They are mostly used along with chisels, punches, and star drills for precise demolition projects, like cracking floor tile or tub surrounds. A sledgehammer with 2 - 4 pound head and a 14-inch handle might be a good choice for small projects around the home.


Standard sledge hammers measure between 7 and 15 pounds with a 36-inch handle. Typical projects for a standard-size sledge hammer include breaking concrete, removing walls, striking metal and wood, or doing other DIY demolition and renovation tasks.


Heavy-duty sledgehammers have heads that weigh 16 pounds or more. These massive sledgehammers are intended for demolition professionals who can use the added weight effectively for breaking stones, concrete, brick, and other hardened materials.

What is a Sledge Hammer?


A sledge hammer is a heavy duty hammer used for demolition work that requires great force. It has a large, flat metal head attached to a long handle. It is a tool widely used in construction work, such as Home Demolition, Removing Exterior Walls, Breaking Concrete Slabs, Driving Bolts into Concrete and etc.


The length of the handle allows the tool to gain momentum as it swings, and the heavy metal head produces amplified force compared to the usual hammer. The power of the hammer comes from a long swing range and must be used with both hands. The swinging action is similar to using an axe.

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