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Grain Scoops

Tufx Grain Scoops

Grain aluminum and ABS poly scoops are two popular types of scoops used in various industries for different purposes, and both of them offer different features and benefits. GRAIN aluminum scoops are durable, corrosion-resistant, and have an attractive appearance, while ABS poly scoops are lightweight, chemical-resistant, and available in a variety of colors for color-coding purposes.

Types of Grain Scoops

D-Handle Poly Grain Scoop
TUFX D grip poly grain scoop is a traditional snow device that has a twin cause for additionally transferring grain, and is perfect for shifting a number of bulk materials.
Long handle Poly Grain Scoop
TUFX long-handle grain scoop is ideal for moving various bulk materials such as grain.
Long Handle Aluminum Grain Scoop
TUFX long-handle grain scoop is a traditional device that has a twin cause for shoveling snow and is perfect for transferring a number of bulk substances such as grain.
D-Handle Aluminum Blade Grain Scoop
TUFX D grip grain scoop is a classic snow tool that has a dual purpose for also shifting grain and is ideal for moving various bulk materials, fiberglass handle can be sterilized for use with grain an...

The Differences Between Poly Grain Scoop and Aluminum Grain Scoop


Both aluminum and plastic scoop are lightweight and corrosion resistant for longevity use.  They are a versatile tool for multiple purposes such as general clean-up or moving grain, stone, snow or even ice. 


Aluminum blades are stronger and more durable, allowing them to easily scrape packed-on snow or ice. It will be able to carry more materials but can also be quite a bit heavier. Normally aluminum scoop will be more expensive than a poly one.


Scoop blades made of plastic are flexible and allow the snow to slide off more readily. ABS poly provides strength and rigidity, even in cold temperatures. But a poly blade is not a good choice for chipping away the ice.

What is a Grain Scoop Used For?

Uses and applications of grain scoop:

Grain scoop is a versatile, general-purpose, year-round tool. It is well suited for a variety of lawn and farm uses as well as farm and agricultural ones. It is primarily used to lift and transfer a variety of materials, including grain, stone, soil, and even snow. The lightweight scoop is perfect for moving and scooping grain, seed, feed, fertilizers, and other granulated materials.

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