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What makes Tufx Poly Wheelbarrows so tough?

Dan Evans is President of Tufx in North America and his perspective is simple; He’s been involved in Canadian and global manufacturing for over 3 decades and is still as passionate as ever about keeping his products best in class… whatever level of product that may be.  "Yes we have in my opinion the best contractor-grade wheelbarrow in the business," he says "but it's not just the high-end products that we want to be best in. We are in Homeowner and DIY categories and Landscapers and semi-pro supply too, so no matter what price point, we want to be best in class in that area too”. This is a lofty goal of course, but as he is keen to point out “it really matters to us at Tufx, and if it matters to us, it will matter to the consumer


So what does best in class mean? How TUFX wheelbarrow is different from other offerings. When asked about that other manufacturers also have HDPE trays and understanding that HDPE to be the best material, Evans' esponse was interesting and surprising:


Earlier in the evolution of the Tufx wheelbarrows, we too believed that HDPE was the top option for poly wheelbarrows. However, after we completed a substantial amount of testing and changing our chemistry, we found that this is not the case at all. PP (Poly Propylene) is known as the Steel of Plastics for very good reason. The characteristics are far superior in almost every way to HDPE and specifically in this kind of use”  He continued: “We only use virgin PP in our private blend mix and this allows us to injection mold a product that is stronger, better abrasion resistance, better heat resistance, better impact resistance and a flexibility that is second to none”


In recent years, Tufx’s star performer has been the PX120 (shown below with the Flat Free option). This wheelbarrow has shown itself to be the most durable wheelbarrow in the world. A search on YouTube under Tufx wheelbarrow brings up various videos of customers trying to destroy testing just to show why these wheelbarrows have become a favourite.  

commercial wheelbarrow


 He explained that other major features include the one-piece frame that is created from with a 5-axis CNC bending operation, and again, their own private cocktail to create the perfect Flat Free wheel compound allowing for the benefit of flat-free with the feel of a pneumatic wheel.

These features alone are pretty substantial” says Evans "Being able to use a poly wheelbarrow for Asphalt is unheard of before now, but add to the fact that this wheelbarrow only weighs in at 31 Lbs, and you have a Contractor’s dream come true…. a wheelbarrow that lasts more than a season, almost indestructible and is lightweight to use… I’d call that Best in Class!” 


For more information on Tufx commercial wheelbarrow, Hand-trucks, Contractor tools, and accessories, visit”

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