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The Difference and Uses of Garden Shears and Regular Scissors

The garden shears are commonly used tools in garden management. In addition to daily plant care, pruning is also necessary for fruit trees, green belt shrub shaping, so garden shears are essential. What's the difference between garden shears and normal scissors? Garden shears mainly use the principle of leverage to achieve a labor-saving effect. How to use garden pruning shears correctly?

The difference between garden shears and normal scissors

  • The blade of a normal scissors is long, and the handle is short. The blade of hand hedge shears is short, but the handle is long. This design mainly uses the principle of leverage to increase the force arm since pruning branches is always more laborious than cutting paper or fabric.

  • The cutting edge of normal garden scissors is straight, and when pruning branches with it, the upper and lower cutting edges will press on the branches and crack them apart easily. However, the cutting edge of garden shears (pruning shears) is circular, and when pruning branches with it, the force exerted makes the upper cutting edge gradually penetrate the branches while the lower cutting edge supports the branches, preventing them from breaking. Moreover, using pruning shears is effortless.

The uses of garden shears

  • Regulating the rational distribution of branches and leaves. That is, on the basis of shaping, adjusting the density, distribution direction, and leaf area coefficient of each part of the crown to maximize the effective photosynthetic area of the crown.

  • Regulating growth and results. Normal nutrient growth is conducive whereas excessive growth is not, moderate flowering and fruiting strengthens the tree's vigor. At the same time, it can prevent fruit trees from aging prematurely and timely renew for revival.

  • Regulation of branch composition ratio. Different tree species and tree ages require corresponding and appropriate branch ratios to enable the circulation, distribution, consumption, and accumulation of nutritional substances in the tree body during the growing season to proceed in a coordinated manner according to the normal rhythm of growth and planting.

  • Pruning can also balance the growth potential between plant populations and the main branches within a single plant, thereby achieving production balance and facilitating management. In addition, pruning is also a means of coordinating the growth of the above-ground part of the plant with the roots.

How to use garden pruning shears correctly?

When using garden pruning shears, it's recommended to grip them correctly. Place your right-hand palm facing up with the four fingers clasped and the thumb separated, holding the handle of the shears with the blade up and the cutting edge pointing to the right. When pruning branches, the left and right hands should work together closely. As the right hand grips the shears firmly, the left hand pushes the upper end of the branch to the right side. With the principle of leverage, the branch can be cut easily. This method is not too tiring when pruning fruit trees, and the cut is smooth, enabling the wound to heal quickly. Additionally, the scissors are less likely to be damaged in this way.

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