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yard wheelbarrow
irrigation shovel 29141
yard wheelbarrow
irrigation shovel 29141

Tufx Irrigation Shovel


The TUFX irrigation shovel is the perfect tool for anyone who needs to dig or clear out debris. Its low-lift tempered blade is designed for nearly vertical digging, making it both efficient and durable. The solid shank provides the strength necessary for heavy-duty use, making this tool ideal for both home and professional applications. With its rugged construction, the TUFX irrigation shovel is built to last, ensuring that you'll have a reliable tool for all your digging needs.

Irrigation Shovel Specification and Features

  • 48" fiberglass handle

  • The flat blade digs straight down instead of at an angle

  • Cushion secure grip with non-slip surface, absorbing shock and reducing fatigue. Unique double-layer construction for extra durability

  • Premium fiberglass handle for maximum strength and durability

  • Fiberglass inner core for lightweight and high strength

  • A crimped steel collar strengthens the handle to the socket connection

  • Tempered and heat-treated steel head with strong and uniform powder coating

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