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Grain Scoops
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Tufx D-Handle Aluminum Blade Grain Scoop


TUFX aluminum scoop is an essential tool in various industries. It's made of lightweight and durable aluminum, which is a non-toxic metal that can withstand corrosion and rust. The aluminum scoop is lightweight and easy to handle, even when it's fully loaded with materials. They are strong, lightweight, and durable, making them an excellent investment for food service workers, farmers, and construction workers alike.

D-Handle Aluminum Blade Grain Scoop Specification and Features

  • 35" Fiberglss handle 

  • The extra-large D-grip handle provides comfort and control 

  • Premium and lightweight fiberglass handle for maximum strength and durability

  • Fiberglass inner core for lightweight and high strength

  • Two rivets for strength and stable connection of fiberglass handle and socket

  • Aluminum Blade is lightweight and naturally rust-proof RIBBED BLADE--For added strength and durability

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