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px162 dual wheels farm wheelbarrow
px162 dual wheels farm wheelbarrow

Tufx Dual Wheels Farm Wheelbarrow

PX162 Large Capacity Wheelbarrow

TUFX PX162 dual wheels large capacity wheelbarrow is designed for farm owners. PX162 dual wheelbarrows for farms and agricultural holdings, landscaping, animal feed transportation, hay and straw. This farm wheelbarrows resist corrosive materials, and they are equipped with a big capacity tray in order to carry quickly bulky and voluminous loads.

PX162 Dual Wheels Farm Large Capacity Wheelbarrow Overview

  • Superior ergonomic design easily handles and controls heavy loads.

  • Indestructible poly tray resistant to ultraviolet (UV) damage and material degradation.

  • One-piece zinc e-coating frame for long-lasting oxidation protection.

  • High impact pneumatic wheel with wider tire and smaller tread, referred to as a turf tire. The dual-wheel design makes moving large loads easier.

  • Top-quality roller bearings for smooth maintenance-free operation, solid precision machining axle for longevity use.

  • Refined surface grip for a comfortable touch.

  • Limited 5 years warranty against manufacturer's defects.

PX162 Dual Wheels Farm Wheelbarrow's Large Capacity and Dual Wheels Benefits

For farmers and garden enthusiasts, the PX162 Dual Wheels Farm Wheelbarrow by TUFX is an essential tool. With its large capacity, this large wheelbarrow can carry heavy loads of soil, manure, and mulch, making yard work a breeze. The dual wheelbarrow design provides additional stability, allowing users to easily maneuver the wheelbarrow around any terrain. The sturdy build of this dual wheelbarrow is made with high performance materials, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable tool that can handle even the toughest tasks. In summary, the PX162 Dual Wheels Farm Wheelbarrow is a must-have for all farmers and gardeners who prioritize efficiency, durability, and practicality in their work.

PX162 Dual Wheels Farm Large Capacity Wheelbarrow Specification and Features

  • Load capacity: 10cuft, 160L, 350kg

  • Poly tray

  • Zinc finish frame with XX bracing in bottom,

  • 16'' × 5.00-8 pneumatic or flat-free wheel

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