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Tufx Stoning Hammer

TUFX Stoning hammer crafted with a sturdy fiberglass handle and a solid metal head. The hammer's weight and balanced handle allow for powerful, controlled strikes, making it essential for masons, sculptors, and craftsmen working with stone.

Fiberglass Handle Stoning Hammer Features:

  • Drop forged, hardened and tempered carbon steel head;

  • Perfect balance between head and handle to increase comfort and safety;

  • Fiberglass handle is lightweight and strong, and it provides a comfortable grip;

  • Specially designed head -lock design for safe use.

  • A powder-coated finish on the steelhead ensures increased resistance to wear and corrosion.


  • 28372 800g 272mm

  • 28373 1.0kg 277mm

  • 28374 1.25kg 280mm

  • 28375 1.5kg 280mm

  • 28376 2.0kg 280mm

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