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long handle scraper blades
long handle scraper blades

Tufx Post Hole Digging/Tamper Bar


TUFX post hole digger with one end for digging and the other end for tamping, is manufactured from tempered high carbon steel. Great for those project requiring prying and spading in hard, compact or rocky ground. This digging bar is heavier than other digging tools to aid in breaking up dry, packed soil more easily. The tamper head is used to level ground around fence posts and deck supports.

Post Hole Digging/Tamper Bar Specification and Features

  • 28817, 72",17lbs/7.6kg

  • Made from one-piece drop-forged, heat treated Hex shank carbon steel to withstand industrial use,

  • The long, carbon steel chisel blade is perfect for post hole digging,

  • The tamper head at the other end is ideal for tamping the base of the hole.

  • Powder coated finish for anti-rust performance.

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