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wrecking bar 28530
utility wrecking bar 28530
wrecking bar 28530
utility wrecking bar 28530

Tufx Utility Wrecking Bar

TUFX utility wrecking bar is used to lever, remove nails, pry boards, and generally break things. It features a single curved end and flattened points with a small slot on one ends for removing nails. The tool construction is durable for longevity use. TUFX wrecking Bars are ideal for your demolition projects.

Utility Wrecking Bar Specification and Features

  • 28512, 1/2"x12" ,0.76lbs/340g;

  • 28518, 3/4"x18" ,2.4lbs/1.1kg;

  • 28524,3/4"x24" ,3.5lbs/1.6kg;

  • 28530,3/4"x30",4.0lbs/1.8kg 

  • 28536,3/4"x36",5.2lbs/2.3kg

  • 28542,3/4"x42",6.2lbs/2.8kg

  • Drop forged by one piece heat treated hexagonal steel,

  • The gooseneck design provides leverage for heavy pulling,

  • A slot is on the gooseneck end as a nail puller ,

  • The other end equips a bent beveled chisel head for prying

  • Powder coated finish for long-lasting corrision resistance.

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