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Tufx Curved Claw Hammers

TUFX Curved Claw Hammer is your ultimate household companion for effortless nail removal and versatile functionality. Engineered with precision, this hammer boasts a curved claw that grants exceptional leverage when pulling nails from wood. On the opposite end, you'll find flat-milled heads, adding to its multi-purpose appeal. Whether it's repairing furniture or tackling DIY projects, the TUFX Curved Claw Hammer is your go-to tool for exceptional performance. Make every task a breeze with this reliable and efficient hammer designed for general household use.

Fiberglass Handle Curved Claw  Hammer Features:

  • High-temperature forged carbon steel head

  • Optimal weight distribution for a controlled swing

  • Magnetic nail starter for easy 1-handed nail placement

  • Milling face adds grip when the hammer contacts the nail

  • Equipped with a fiberglass core handle, engineering pp and TPR two-layer covered.

  • A powder-coated finish on the steelhead ensures increased resistance to wear and corrosion.


  • 28333: 16oz/450g, 340mm

  • 28334: 20oz/580g, 345mm

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