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Tufx Rubber Mallet Hammer

TUFX rubber mallet hammer is a versatile and essential tool used in various applications. Its head is typically made of rubber, which provides a soft, non-damaging striking surface. This makes it ideal for tasks where precision and gentle force are required, such as woodworking, assembling furniture, and adjusting delicate machinery parts. The rubber mallet's design also minimizes recoil, ensuring better control and accuracy during use.

Fiberglass Handle Rubber Mallet Hammer Features:

  • Hammer head is made of high-quality rubber, durable, good elasticity, shockproof, and wear-resistant

  • Premium solid fiberglass corehandle offers exceptional strength

  • Anti-slip handle grip can reduce vibration and enhance control


  • 28342 16oz/450g 355mm 

  • 28343 24oz/680g 375mm

  • 28344 32oz/910g 395mm

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