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Tufx Rip Claw Hammer

The TUFX rip claw hammer with a rip claw offers superior leverage for effortless nail pulling and features flat-milled heads on the opposite end. This professional-grade tool is the preferred choice for construction experts who frequently encounter wood fastened with nails. Whether you need to dismantle wooden structures or smash various materials like wood, plastic, or steel, the versatile rip claw hammer ensures impeccable performance and precision in your tasks.

Fiberglass Handle Rip Claw Hammer Features:

  • High-temperature forged carbon steel head

  • Optimal weight distribution for a controlled swing

  • Magnetic nail starter for easy 1-handed nail placement

  • Milling face adds grip when the hammer contacts the nail

  • Equipped with a solid fiberglass core handle, engineering pp and TPR two-layer covered.

  • A powder-coated finish on the steelhead ensures increased resistance to wear and corrosion.


  • 28331: 16oz/450g, 340mm

  • 28332: 20oz/580g, 345mm

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