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Tufx Roofing Hammer

TUFX roofing hammer is an essential tool for professional roofers and DIY enthusiasts alike. Designed specifically for roofing tasks, this specialized hammer features a flat striking surface on one side for driving nails and a sharpened claw on the other side to cut shingles to size or for removing old roofing materials. Made from durable steel, TUFX roofing hammer offers reliability and longevity, ensuring efficient and precise performance on various roofing projects. With its unique functionality, a roofing hammer remains a go-to tool for anyone involved in roofing installations, repairs, or renovations.

Fiberglass Handle Roofing Hammer Features:

  • High-temperature forged carbon steel head

  • Multifunctional claw for pulling nails and prying roof tiles.

  • Milled impact face helps nails stay upright while hammering.

  • Magnetic nail holder helps start your nail right every time

  • A lightweight TPR-coated fiberglass handle is oil and chemical resistant and provides a secure grip.

  • A powder-coated finish on the steelhead ensures increased resistance to wear and corrosion.


  • 28335: 600g, 340mm

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